SecuriFilm was established in 2017 and is currently located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. SecuriFilm is currently expanding across Canada with retailers available in each province. SecuriFilm is currently sold in various sizes, which can be applied individually or in rolls. Individual pieces can be bought via our online store, while rolls can be purchased via contacting us. If you are interested in purchasing rolls, please refer to the “Become a Retailer” page of our website. SecuriFilm took over a year to research and develop, where our film has been through intensive testing to ensure our film is an industry leader and the best product possible. SecuriFilm is extremely easy to install compared to other windshield films, with a heat shrinking percentage of 2.5%. The material is very versatile, yet also extremely strong and durable. SecuriFilm is designed to be applied to any vehicle, boat, or any glass window. SecuriFilm provides protection against scratches and chips, as well as 99% protection from UV rays while still keeping out 80% of the heat out.

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